Just Cre8!

Greetings from the Anomaly Dev Team!

We’ve just had a very successful private launch of our game at our Colleges exhibition night ‘Just Cre8’ we had almost the entire faculty come and play our game as well as many guests and family members.

Here are some pictures from the event night:


Josh (left), Dylan (center)


Dylan (left, facing away), Dell (left, next to Dylan)

We received some excellent feedback from our audience and players enjoyed the experience they had when playing Anomaly. The exhibition was a success and along with other students we got to play an experience a variety of games and Anomaly certainly stood out from the crowd.

Throughout the project we had come across a variety of problems but manages to solve and work around majority of them, there are a few compatibility issues for lower end systems due to expensive lighting and assets but we hope the game runs smoothly for you all!

The Anomaly Development Team would like to officially thank everyone who has followed us on this journey. The support and following we revived helped drive us to the completion of the project. We look forward to you playing our game and offering your most sincere feedback.

Anomaly poster

We will be releasing the game later today on Gamejolt so look out for it!Once again thank you everyone, Delvinder, Dylan, Lance and Josh signing off.

Just Cre8!

A quick update – Anomaly Development

Greetings from team Anomaly Josh here, I’d like to apologize for the lack of content of our development process on social medias over the past month. I’ve been working extremely hard on the game, and put all my effort into working the project resulting in very little time to keep you guys updated!

I would also like to announce the official release date of Anomaly, Friday the 28th of August where it will be available free to play on Game Jolt!

Now onto the development of Anomaly I’ll give a brief rundown of what’s been happening behind the work.

The Levels:
For the development of Anomaly we decided to use a HE – Abandoned Manor Environment packs available on the Unity asset store, as our team consisted of a level designer, animator and programmer we needed a large deposit of modular and easy to use assets, these packs were perfect for the project. Throughout the development process there has been many issues with implementing these assets, and only recently has a solution been found although its far to late in the development process to completely rebuild our levels, or is it?

I’ve gone through the effort of completely rebuilding two of the major scenes and half of the other remaining scenes to help make the game be much more visually satisfying. Previous builds of the level has issues were planes would z fight, and not line up perfectly causing lighting glitches, gaps within the walls, not the kind of thing you wan’t to experience when playing a game right? Well I can’t promise these all are gone, but I’ve gone through and remove majority of these issues and although you’ll be sure to find a graphical glitch here and there you can be assured that it’s a much better experience that the previous beta versions :P.

The levels are on the final touch-up stages now, myself and the level designer are in the process of baking the lighting and fixing the last of the lighting issues, while I test and implement the final features of the game into the levels.

Here’s a little preview of the Manor from the outside from the latest version I completed only a few hours ago.


The Monster:
The monster is looking like quite the menace, he is now fully rigged, animated and running within the game. Be sure you keep you distance though, he doesn’t take kindly to those that disturb his slumber!

Other than a few touch-ups to the AI the monster is complete and here a few images of the monster and the ai system we are using within our levels. (Shutouts to Rival Theory and  their amazing RAIN ai system)

Picture_Monster Screencap1 Navmesh



Majority of the work at this stage is implementation and testing, with a few lines of code to be added here and there a lot of the work is bug-fixing, implementing, testing and preparing the levels. I can assure you I’ve got my hands full this week to ensure that Anomaly will be primed and ready for next Friday.

On behalf of the Anomaly dev team I’d like to thank all of our patient followers out there and hope you look forward to playing Anomaly.

Josh out~

A quick update – Anomaly Development

Monster SFX

Del's Blog

I’ve been spending the last couple weeks sourcing for monster sound effects like samples for instance and basically gave up on finding good samples and decided to record/recreate all of them from scratch.I started by looking at references to sort of get the idea of how to recreate monster sounds through the use of audio effects.Most of them at core used pitch shifters,phasers and flangers as well as chorus effects to make them sound big.

An example of creating monster sounds,

Once that was sorted I proceeded into the studio to begin recording.Before I started recording Dylan,who helped me out by becoming the monster.I had a microphone shootout between the Rode NT2A,Shure SM7B and the Shure SM57 as each microphone has its own characteristics.After trying out all of them the Rode NT2A had a real good response to Dylan’s vocal and we decided to use that particular microphone.Dylan then started screaming into the microphone…

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Monster SFX

Asset Design & Team Management with Dylan

Hello, Dylan here with a weekly update. The past week has been spent working on creating the Idol asset that plays an important role within the game. The design of the idol has gone through many iterations, mainly within the face region. After looking at statues from a variety of cultures such as Aztec, Mayan and Incan, I decided to look in to other statues of faces that were considered to be scary, such as the Rabbit’s mask from Donnie Darko. Face Testing After a group discussion we decided using a Jackal (commonly seen among Egyptian culture) would achieve the best results. I worked on creating the head for the statue first from there I created the body. Once I had that model looking how I wanted I began working on unwrapping and texturing the asset. Statue Progress 01Statue Progress 03 After creating the UV for the model, I started to look for examples of textures as well a type of rock that would look good. Previously the group had agreed on Obsidian, but we changed to Onyx.The next step in texturing the model is adding additional markings such as dust and scratches to the model to make the object seem more ancient. While testing out the texturing, I also took in to account how it would look being held within in the game. Statue Progress 02 As well as creating the Idol asset I have also been managing the teams progress. Delvinder has been working hard on the audio and is in the final stages of mastering the games soundtrack. The full greybox of the levels have been created by Lance and handed off to Josh, who has been working on the AI for our monster.

Thats sums up everything for this week, Cya soon! -Dylan

Asset Design & Team Management with Dylan

Mixing Anomaly

Insight on Mixing Anomaly

Del's Blog

After spending the past couple months writing the soundtrack for the game,It’s finally finished and I can now move onto the mixing stage.During the writing process of the soundtrack i spent a lot of time shaping the sound the way I wanted it to sound like before actually recording anything,which in the end saved a great deal of time when I was mixing.Adding to that,I was also editing most of the foley that was recorded about a week ago.

With the Foley what I had to do first was record the takes which we recorded in mono to Stereo by reason of the tracks were recorded in mono separately (Left + Right).After recording the tracks into a brand new stereo track,I started going through each take and categorising them into different sections.For instance each door sound opening,closing and the motion/velocity applied.With the footsteps it was altogether different as it had to…

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Mixing Anomaly

A look into AI with Josh

The Development team at anomaly has been hard at work to get an alpha build of our game completed before next Fridays deadline. I would like to share with you some of the work I have been doing, hopefully so you won’t be left too in the dark (pun intended).

One of my roles within the team as you know is program lead, this puts me in charge of the Monsters AI systems. So I’m quickly going to run through that with you all today.

The AI system in Anomaly plays a major role within the game as the monster is the primary threat to the player which we use to both motivate and challenge the player to complete the game. As a student who has a fair level of  experience under his belt in programming I came into this with a fair understanding of how difficult good AI is to make. With this in mind during the early planning process I decided I would be using Rival Theory’s RAIN AI system to simplify and speed up the process.

Let’s talk about RAIN now shall we. RAIN is a complete UNITY AI system that allows users to create characters on any platform. Now “complete” is a relative term, although the AI system and be considered complete by no means does it mean my work would be “complete” just by using this system. Some of the challenges using the system are, understanding the drag and drop work-space, the logic the system uses and learning to quickly and efficiently use these Overall the RAIN AI system is quite powerful and can speed up the process of writing and AI System although the learning curve to understanding the system can make it too time consuming for small projects.

Here are some screenshots of a workspace in UNITY of me using the RAIN AI system.
RAIN AI Workscpace01 RAIN AI Workscpace02 RAIN AI Workscpace03

So far my experience with RAIN has been a mix of confusion and discovery. When I first started using the system I struggled to wrap my head around the drag and drop wokspace and the logic behind each of the functions and choices the system could make. With a few hours of looking at tutorials, examples and guides I was able to discover the potential of RAIN. Currently I’m at a point where I have to override some of the code and create me own scripts which has sent me back into the research phase although hopefully this will be a quick and easy process I can replicate for future functions.

That’s about all I have to share about my AI adventures for now. I also recommend checking out Rival Theory‘s website if you are interested in RAIN.

A look into AI with Josh

Designing world space

Lance checking in here, I’m in charge of the level design within our small team working on Anomaly. Currently in our 4th week of production, things are going quite well and we are well on track to hitting our 5th week Alpha milestone.

A big part of working in a team is communication and timing. Current Josh and I are working closely together to have our game world fully realised and implemented properly whilst Dylan and Delvinder are hard at work creating additional assets and engineering the sound we will be using for the game.

Our current stage of production has seen the final design of the level with correct measurements and pacing given to Josh via hard drive for him to lay down his Rain AI. Our timing in this regard was almost perfect as Josh was just finishing up his AI structure today as I had passed him a solid floor plan for him to work with. I had also given Delvinder a screenshot of a mock-up world space complete with atmospheric lighting and mock props to give him a feel of the environment I wanted to create and also give him an idea of what kind of sounds he needs to make for us.

Below are screenshots of some of the earlier Grayboxing stages as well as a cleaned up version based off feedback both from our group and also fellow students. ScreenshotManor ScreenshotTypewriter ScreenshotHallway GrayboxdevLabyrinth ScreenshotLivingQuarters

After feedback, we had cleaned up the grayboxes and these are the assets I will be sending to Josh as well as the mock-up room I have sent to Delvinder.

Anomaly ScreenshotManorCleanTypewriterCleanLabyrinthCleanLivingQuartersClean

Designing world space

CIU 330

A look into Foley recording with our Sound Designer Delvinder.

Del's Blog

Week 3 update of our game Anomaly,My progress thus far into the trimester has been good .Writing the soundtrack over the trimester break and now back into the studio again to record foley for our game.Prior to the recording session I’ve been discussing with Andy over recording and microphone techniques to be used when recording footsteps.He suggested recording stereo footsteps,which I haven’t done before.

He basically told me to use the A-B stereo miking technique-


Then place the microphones behind the heel of the foot- to capture more of the attack of the sound.Before I went into the studio I made a foley list to have a clearer idea of what I needed to record-

Footsteps – Forest,Carpet,Wooden floor and Concrete floor

Cloth Movements – same as above

Miscellaneous – Opening doors,Door Handle

Once that was done I sat down with the rest of my group members and discussed with…

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CIU 330

Greetings from the Anomaly Development Team!

Welcome to Anomaly official development blog, before we get into things lets introduce ourselves shall we?

Firstly I’ll start with myself, I’m Joshua Smith but you can call me Josh for short. I’m a 20 year old aspiring Games Developer & Programmer currently studying at SAE Institute in Perth. My goal is to become part of a small development team where I can express my creativity and love for games.
My major role within the Anomaly Development Team is Lead Programmer, I’ll give a brief summary of what that involves. Anomaly will be created in the UNITY5 Engine and so I’ll be writing scripts in C# with Monodevelop IDE. This role includes me compiling and preparing assets prepared by other perspectives of the project (such as leveling design, audio and animation), configuring and importing them into unity. I will be working closely with the Audio Designer as we will be integrating the audio into unity with FMOD. Finally I will be using Mechanim to drive animations as it works well with state machines and allows for smooth animation transitions.
Aside from programming I am also in charge of the marketing of the project. This role involves me creating an in-depth marketing document, managing and maintaining social networks and public interactions. So I’m sure we well get to know each-other quite well.

Hello, My name is Dylan Royer. I am a 20 year old student at SAE Institute, Perth. I hope to one day create games by myself before joining a Large game development team, such as Ubisoft or Bethesda. My major role is Project Managor, which requires me to keep documentation as well as making sure the development stays on track. I also will be in charge of Modelling, Rigging and animating.

I’m Delvinder Singh,lead Audio Engineer for our game Anomaly.I’m currently pursuing my degree in Audio Production at SAE Institute Perth.My main role within the Anomaly team is creating all the audio assets for the game,which includes writing music/composing for our game,recording/performing Foley and creating sound effects.As I am well-versed in a few Digital Audio Workstation’s I will be mainly using Logic Pro X for composing music and Pro Tools 11 for recording purposes,Foley. In addition to that I will be working closely with the game designers to integrate the audio in to the game using FMOD.

Hi, my name is Lance, I’m in charge of the level and environment design in our project. I’m fairly well versed in level design as it is my area of interest in regards to game development. I am currently studying a Bachelor in Games Development at SAE Qantm Perth and am moving into my final trimester. While I have designed game spaces before and know what a motivated space is quite well, we have planned our game around a puzzle-horror element as well and I have not worked with puzzles within a game level before. My biggest challenge this time around will be to design a space that can accommodate a puzzle and also make sense at the same time. I will be using prefab assets purchased from the unity store for the bulk of the level design and will be making 3D assets using 3DS max as I need to.

So now that we have formally introduced ourselves we would like to share with you a little about Anomaly. Anomaly is a first person survival horror game, you play as an archaeologist who becomes trapped within a haunted mansion. The aim of the game is to escape the mansion, but leaving in one piece may prove a challenge. The player will have to complete puzzles in an atmospheric environment where things just aren’t right, oh and I forgot to mention, there’s a monster.

So with all that said, we will be keeping you up to date on the development of our game. Be sure to follow us to keep updated and until next time stay awesome.

Greetings from the Anomaly Development Team!